Interiors Monthly expert, Richard Renouf talks leather…’Not a fault’
Our unique leather traits finally explained by expert Richard Renouf… 

Independent furnishings consultant Richard Renouf explains the characteristics of leather in a very interesting article within ‘Interiors Monthly’ in this March edition and we wanted to share it with our customers in the hope it will inform and help your customers understand the typical traits and features of OUR leather.

‘Sometimes saying no is best…’
In the article he relays a telephone conversation that he had recently experienced. ‘I need you to help me prove that my furniture is faulty…It’s the leather. It’s gone all wrinkly and the cushions have gone down. The creasing is really excessive. Isn’t this a manufacturing fault?’

Renouf goes on to explain his reply, ‘Leather, as you know, a natural material that starts its life as an animal’s skin. This is stretched out during the tanning process to make a flat material, but it will always retain the natural creases and other marks that show where it came from… This means that when it is used over soft fillings which settle (a bit like a feather pillow) the creases will show, and this is a part of the material’s character. It’s only when it’s tightly stretched over something very firm that it will keep it’s flat, smooth appearance. What’s happening on your suite is normal and natural…’

Renouf uses the above image to demonstrate the leather that has creased and the cushion settled on his suite, and how this is perfectly normal and within the characteristics of leather.

Leather, a natural product, is the tanned skin or hide of an animal. Leathers often bear scars which the animal accumulated during its life, creating a unique surface with a fascinating story behind every piece. In their natural environment, animals are often bitten by insects, become caught on barbed wire, rub against thorns, and get into fights, all of which leave scarring on the hide. Natural marking such as these, and also skin pigmentation – darker and lighter patches, are often misconstrued as imperfections, but to the contrary, they are what gives leather it unique and beautiful characteristics.

Image shows natural scarring.
Image shows shade variation between two different hides.

Natural markings on a hide do not effect the strength or durability of the leather. When the hide has passed through the tanning process the natural marking will still be visible on the surface.

If you have any queries regarding the characteristics of our leather we are happy to help. Please get in touch with if you would like to be provided with an information file (digital) to demonstrate the leather variation for your customers.

Worth Furnishing Team.