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When is a sofa not just a sofa?
When it provides a place to escape, a place to laugh, cry, entertain and relax. The humble sofa is a place where families gather at the end of the day. We believe that people should be given the option to make their furniture as unique as their family.


Curl up with a good book and strong coffee, our extensive range of occasional chairs provide the perfect place for reading or relaxing. Choose a style to compliment your sofa or contrast your existing style with a statement piece to bring life to your room.


Kick back and put your feet up. Our range of footstools are available to match our most popular styles. Providing a stylish addition to your room, our footstools can be used for not just for feet but as a guest seat or a chair for the kids.


Think of our doorstops as a full stop. The perfect way to finish your new look. Why not add a couple to carry your style throughout your home?

Dog Drafts, man’s best friend without the teeth. Looking equally as good sat by the door or on the window sill add a touch of humour and a talking point for your friends and family.


Dining Benches are a modern twist on classic dining seating, giving the dining space a more relaxed contemporary feel, great for young families when mealtimes can literally bring your family closer together.


A mini marvel, no room for a foot stool? Need emergency seating for guests or children? Our cubes give you more options without taking up as much space as a footstool, they are also available with built in storage for all your bits and bobs.


A shield, a comforter or a projectile, the humble cushion can become many things at home. Our cushions are the perfect addition to your room.


Meal times are family times, when everyone gets together to chew over the day’s events. Our varied and comfortable range of dinging chairs provide the perfect accompaniment to finish your dining space.


Suitable for hotel bars or breakfast bars, we have a selection of styles to suit both traditional and modern environments.